Allegro Targeted Genotyping kits provide a fast, scalable, cost-effective approach to perform targeted genotyping-by-sequencing on a wide variety of organisms using next generation sequencing.

Using the Single Primer Enrichment Technology (SPET) for DNA approach to specifically target SNPs of interest, Allegro Targeted Genotyping provides information-rich sequencing data, by capturing a SNP-specific data point for every on-target sequencing read. The result is unparalleled sequencing efficiency, leading to rapid scalability and the lowest cost per data point available.

Allegro Targeted Genotyping combines three core technologies to enable efficient SNP interrogation.

  1. Enzymatic Fragmentation – Integrated for ease of use and automation
  2. DimerFree Ligation – eliminates adaptor dimer formation
  3. SPET – for targeted SNP interrogation

Allegro Targeted Genotyping offers high sample multiplexing capability, ability to interrogate over 100,000 SNPs in a single assay, and flexible design possibilities for targeting new markers.

Product highlights

allegro targeted genotyping sequencing kits workflow

Simple, fast, robust automatable workflow

  • Simple, single-tube assay that can be completed in less than 24 hours
  • Hundreds of barcodes and increased multiplexing enables cost-saving interrogation of SNPs
  • Automatable on a variety of platforms
allegro targeted genotyping sequencing kits figure 6

Efficient SNP Interrogation

  • Optimal probe placement leads to more efficient sequencing
  • Probes are designed on both sides of the SNPs within 100 bp
  • Enables de-novo SNP discovery in target region
  • Independent probes provide validation of each SNP
allegro targeted genotyping sequencing kits organism

Flexible Probe Libraries

  • Ability to design panels for any sequenced genome
  • Expert scientists work with you to generate an optimal design
  • Combine libraries- and complement libraries with new probes

Ordering information

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Description Catalogue number No. of Reactions
Allegro Targeted Genotyping up to 500 SNPs GEN-9600-001 192
Allegro Targeted Genotyping up to 1000 SNPs GEN-9600-002 192
Allegro Targeted Genotyping up to 2500 SNPs GEN-9600-003 192
Allegro Targeted Genotyping up to 5k SNPs GEN-9600-004 192
Allegro Targeted Genotyping up to 25k SNPs GEN-9600-005 192
Allegro Targeted Genotyping up to 50k SNPs GEN-9600-006 192
Allegro Targeted Genotyping > 50k SNPs Higher marker numbers available. Contact us
Allegro Targeted Genotyping > 192 Reactions Bulk pricing available. Contact us

Why choose LGC?

LGC's leading expertise in the plant, livestock and aquaculture industry ensures you get the Allegro Targeted Genotyping solution that meets your needs.

  • optimised for high-throughput applications including Genomic Selection
  • complimentary products to support your complete workflow
  • backup capacity through our global service laboratories

Targeted genotyping by sequencing service – SeqSNP

LGC also offers SeqSNP - the targeted genotyping by sequencing service that accelerates plant and animal breeding programmes. Screen hundreds to 10,000+ markers while still being cost-effective on an industrial scale. We’ve worked together with partners in the plant, livestock and aquaculture industries to ensure SeqSNP meets cost, time, and flexibility requirements to work in real world breeding programmes.

Learn more about SeqSNP Request a quote for SeqSNP