We accelerate marker-assisted selection for the global provision of consistent, high quality, sustainable and safe food.

Our products and services are integral to the operation of many food development organisations, plant and livestock laboratories. Our expertise, high quality and flexibility allow our customers to complete more research projects in less time. for various analytical solutions and services.

Analytical solutions and services

  • Improvement of feedstuffs and fertiliser production
  • Identification of contaminants analysis of nutritional content (dietary fibre, fatty acids or proteins)
  • Reference materials supporting agricultural development and the wider food chain

With the world's largest range of reference standards to support food and agriculture research we supply laboratories throughout the world with a range of materials from DNA standards to reference materials to support the analysis of key nutritional components.

Our genomic solutions accelerate Marker-assisted selection (MAS) and breeding (MAB) programmes, allowing plant varieties and animal lineages to appear in a few years rather than over many decades. Our technology validates and screens the marker genes already present which are associated with desirable traits.

We enable our customers to improve their crops and livestock quicker, better and more cost-effectively than any other technology.

Professor Keith Edwards, University of Bristol said:
 KASP increases the rate of SNP-based genotyping whilst decreasing the cost of the individual data points.” 

How we do it