Convenient microsatellite to KASP® SNP marker conversion service

Bring better seeds, crops, livestock and aquatic organisms to market faster by simplifying genomic data capture and analysis while saving 44% on your analysis costs.

The new service combines our proprietary DNA extraction technology with state of the art NGS techniques, KASP assay design and genotyping into a convenient service for converting microsatellite markers (SSRs or STRs) into robust and cost efficient KASP SNP markers.


Advantages of KASP SNP markers compared to microsatellite markers:

  • Faster analysis times
  • Scalable for high throughput applications like large scale screening protocols
  • Simpler data analysis, more robust & reproducible
  • Cost savings >44% per analysed sample1

1E. Guichoux et al. Current trends in microsatellite genotyping. Molecular Ecology Resources (2011) 11, 591–61. Based on 24 SSRs analysed in 500 samples vs. LGC all-inclusive pricing (incl. DNA extraction and design).

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  • Discovery of SNP markers in (flanking regions) of targeted SSR/STR/Microsatellite
  • Discovery of new SNP markers in specific genomic regions
  • Conversion of QTL SSR/STS/microsatellite trait specific markers


Pricing starts at £366 / $549 / €494 per SSR dependent on the number of SSRs submitted for conversion. Pricing and conditions may vary dependent on the technical requirements for specific organisms. Please enquire for the most cost effective options for your project.


Please be aware, the presence of SNPs in SSRs or their flanking regions is a biological event that is likely but not certain. If no SNPs are present your KASP assay design and genotyping costs will be refunded.

Identified SNPs cannot be guaranteed by LGC to be associated to the same function as the SSR because biological information of the organism is required. A functional validation study based on meta-data, mapping population or field trial is recommended. Please note, this is not included in the SSR marker conversion service package.

Available discounted package rates

  • Additional assay design (over maximum specified on quote)
  • Additional genotyping (over maximum specified on quote)

Not included in the service

  • Functional validation and trait association of SNPs
  • Real-time marker design or analysis
  • Statistics or breeding consultancy

Terms additional to our standard terms and conditions apply. Please see the SSR conversion service additional terms PDF.

What is included

Service Specification
Dedicated project manager support  
LGC plant sample collection kit For plant samples only
DNA extraction from human, animal or plant samples (optional) Specified sample types - see guidance notes
Long range PCR of the SSR region ~3kb per SSR
SNP identification with Illumina Sequencing Based on 10 diverse customer provided samples
SNP calling (bioinformatics) in NGS dataset  
KASP assay design service ~5 per SSR as specified on quotation
KASP genotyping service (technical validation) On 48 samples with all SNPs
All required reagents and consumables  
Required sample type/DNA quality Please see guidance notes
Turnaround time 10 weeks (after jointly scheduled project start date)