NGS services

Next generation sequencing and analysis with bioinformatic services. High quality for customised application on illumina MiSeq.

Next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies have dramatically reduced the costs of sequencing and led to novel approaches in many fields of biology. LGC Biosearch Technologies offers a broad range of next generation sequencing services using state of the art platforms and library preparation solutions.

Consultation and the delivery of optimised solutions that meet the specific needs of a particular project are the foundation of our NGS service offering. Examples of our expertise include the development of a proprietary method for Genotyping by Sequencing and we have developed significant experience in sequencing bacterial and fungal genomes as well as metagenomes from various habitats.

Example applications

  • De novo sequencing
  • Re-sequencing of genomes
  • Transcriptome sequencing and analysis (of both eukaryotic and prokaryotic organisms)
  • Metagenome sequencing and analysis
  • Analysis of:amplicons (e.g. 16S rDNA)
  • Genotyping in Thousands by sequencing (GT Seq) 

Special customised applications

  • Targeted re-sequencing of enriched individual genomic regions of interest (Exomes)
  • Unique multiplexing system for unrivaled sample numbers
  • Extensive bioinformatics services

Our dedicated NGS team is available by phone on +49 (0)30 5304 2290 or email at

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