Sanger sequencing services

Order your single sample sequencing or MTP sequencing services and primer walking project. Primer design and synthesis, different sample types and primer storage.

Single sample service

Choose your overnight sequencing service. Storage of templates, submitted primers and primers synthesised, primer design and synthesis, PCR clean-up/plasmid preparation etc.

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We offer a range of service options to meet individual customer requirements. Sanger sequencing is available in a range of formats to suit:

  • Individual project requirements for throughput 
  • Sample type and sample
  • Primer storage. 

With a substantial experience delivering sequences from a wide range of organisms we have the expertise to assist with virtually any project type of complex genome. There are different types of services to enable the delivery of optimised solutions for individual project resources.

Our services

  • High-throughput sequencing including - MTP (microtiter plate) in 96-well format
  • Re-sequencing of genes and or genomic regions
  • Single read sequencing
  • Primer walking projects
  • Primer design and synthesis
  • DNA isolation including large constructs
  • Cloning of PCR products or DNA fragments
  • PCR amplification and / or purification
  • Library services (normalised cDNA, cosmid/fosmid, shotgun)
  • Microbial identification
  • Bacterial pure culture (16S rDNA)
  • Fungal pure culture (18S or ITS rDNA)
  • Yeast pure culture (18S or ITS rDNA)
  • Qualitative identification in complex samples.