SuperRox™ Dye

SuperROX is a specially formulated version of the ROX dye (carboxy-X-rhodamine) for use as a passive reference in qPCR reactions. It is typically formulated into the master mix, and used to normalize for signal variation on certain real-time thermal cyclers.

SuperRox™ Dye

Variation controlled with a ROX passive reference include inconsistency in pipetting volume, evaporation, irregularities in the baseline fluorescence, and laser or light source variability. The ROX passive reference dye does not take part in the PCR reaction and its fluorescence should remain constant during thermal cycling.

SuperROX is formulated for maximum water solubility so as to minimize “ROX drop”, a linear decrease in ROX signal occurring during the PCR reaction. Presumably, this drop is due to aggregation and precipitation of hydrophobic ROX molecules. SuperROX provides an enduring signal to normalize the qPCR amplification.

SuperROX minimizes "ROX drop" and can be used when a water soluble version of ROX is required. SuperROX is for use only in real-time thermal cyclers requiring a passive reference dye, including the Applied Biosystems Prism™ 7000, 7700 and 7900 instruments.

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