If I order a dual-labeled probe with an internal BHQ modification, what should be at the 3' end of the probe?

For Dual-labeled BHQ™ Probes that contain an internal BHQ modification, you should specify an additional Spacer 3 (C3) modification at the 3' terminus, to prevent extension of the probe.

You may want to consider our BHQnova™ Probes instead of adding an internal BHQ modification to your probe. BHQnova Probes are a double-quenched probe format that improves quenching efficiency without impacting signal release, for improved signal-to-noise ratios. Additionally, BHQnova Probes are a more economical option than probes with an internal T(BHQ-1) and Spacer C3 modification.

BHQnova Probes incorporate our internal “Nova” quencher between base residues 9 & 10 from the 5’ end in addition to the 3’ terminal BHQ modification. This quencher configuration is well suited to probe sequences 25 bases or longer which otherwise may suffer from poor quenching efficiency as traditional end-labeled probes.