How do I know what fluorophore to pick for my Dual-labeled BHQ® probe?

The choice of fluorescent reporter to label your dual-labeled BHQ® probe(s) depends upon your instrument optics and also the degree of multiplexing you want to achieve. If your assays will be amplified separately then we encourage you to label each probe with FAM. FAM is the most commonly used fluorophore and is detected by all real-time PCR instruments. The optic capabilities of the instrument, i.e. excitation source and filters, determine the degree of multiplexing and which fluorophores can be used. For a listing of our available dyes, download our Black Hole Quencher® and Dye Selection Chart. You may find information on multiplexing and a table listing our recommended dye choices for a selection of qPCR machines on our Multiplexing qPCR webpage.