Does the Biosearch Technologies' website have a list of all dyes available for DNA labeling?

LGC, Biosearch Technologies offers modified oligos with many common fluorophores including FAM, HEX and TAMRA, as well as our own proprietary dyes. Please refer to our Black Hole Quencher™ and Dye Selection Chart for a complete list of various dyes/fluorophores we carry at Biosearch Biosearch Technologies.

Biosearch Technologies makes available many of these same dyes as reactive precursors for others to synthesize their own modified oligos. A full list of dyes and quenchers formulated for that purpose can be found in on our webpage for DNA/RNA Synthesis Reagents.

To manually label oligos and other biomolecules, Biosearch Technologies also offers carboxylic acid and succinimidyl ester formulations of certain dyes and quenchers. A complete list can be found on our Labeling Reagents webpage.

If you have any questions regarding the availability of particular products, please contact our Technical Support team.