What formulations of BHQ dyes do you offer for internal modifications of oligonucleotides?

We make available two formulations of both the BHQ™-1 dye and BHQ-2 dye for use as internal modifications. BHQ dyes may be incorporated as either an abasic formulation or else attached to a deoxythymidine (dT) nucleoside. The abasic formulation of the modifications will disrupt the continuity of the sugar-phosphate backbone and may impact oligonucleotide geometry upon hybridization. When ordering, indicate abasic BHQ internal modifications by inserting [BHQ-1] or [BHQ-2] within your oligo sequence. The T-BHQ formulation is recommended when the sugar-phosphate linkage must be preserved. When ordering, indicate this modification using [T(BHQ-1)] or [T(BHQ-2)] within your oligo sequence. Here are examples showing proper demarcations: ACGT[T(BHQ-1)]ACGT for the T-linked formulation, or ACGT[BHQ-1]ACGT for the abasic modification.

For more information, see our Blog article named 'Labeling Oligos with Internal BHQ dyes'.