Which dyes are compatible with my thermal cycler?

LGC Biosearch Technologies offers many common fluorophores including FAM, HEX and TAMRA dyes, as well as our own proprietary dyes. Our CAL Fluor® and Quasar® dye series span the spectrum with emission wavelengths ranging from yellow to far-red, and represent alternatives to dyes such as VIC®, Cy™3, Texas Red, LC Red® 640, Cy5, and Cy5.5. For your convenience we have compiled a Multiplexing Dye Recommendations Chart outlining optimal dye combinations in select qPCR machines, as well as a Fluorophore & BHQ® Dye Selection Chart listing reporter-quencher pairings. In addition, you may use our Spectral Overlay Tool to visualize the absorption and emission spectra of multiple dyes together.