How do I calibrate my instrument for the CAL Fluor and Quasar Dyes?

CAL Fluor™ and Quasar™ dye calibration standards are designed to improve the accuracy of signal detection in real-time thermal cyclers that require spectral calibration. They enable the instrument to store the fluorescence profile of each dye and control for channel cross-talk. Crosstalk is the bleed-through of fluorescent signal from a reporter into an adjacent filter or channel, an issue of particular concern in a multiplexed assay. Many qPCR machines are pre-calibrated for Cy™3 and Cy5 dyes. In those machines, no calibration is necessary to use our Quasar 570 (Cy3 alternative) and Quasar 670 (Cy5 alternative) dyes. To use our CAL Fluor dye labels, particularly in a multiplexing assay, certain real-time PCR instruments need to be calibrated to anticipate crosstalk. Biosearch Technologies does not make available pure dyes. Instead, our calibration standards are formulated to better mimic a fluorescent probe under experimental conditions by covalently linking the dye to an oligo-thymidine (dT10).  A complete list of available Calibration and Reference Dyes is available through our website. Instructions to calibrate select qPCR machines are available in our Spectral Calibration Instructions.