I am a beginner at real-time qPCR. Does Biosearch Technologies have information which will help me to design my assay?

For an overview of available BHQ™ Probe types, their mode of action and basic design guidelines, you may download our Fluorogenic Probes and Primers Brochure.

For an in depth discussion on qPCR, including probe and primer design, we recommend reading the book entitled 'A-Z of Quantitative PCR' edited by Stephen A. Bustin.

Additional resources are available on-line, including the website 'REAL-TIME PCR' maintained by M. Tevfik Dorak, MD, Ph.D., which offers a review of major topics for qPCR and historical links to valued information.

For MIQE guidelines on experiment design, please see the original publication entitled, "The MIQE guidelines: minimum information for publication of quantitative real-time PCR experiments", by Bustin et al.

For applications and the most recent methods in gene expression analysis, visit the website named 'www.Gene-Quantification.info: The Reference in qPCR - Academic & Industrial Information Platform'. This site offers many links to additional resources on qPCR.

When you are ready to design your assay, use our FREE and user-friendly RealTimeDesign™ software, available through our website.