I have my own primer designs. Can LGC Biosearch Technologies' RealTimeDesign™ (RTD™) software design only the probe for me?

To design a probe for compatibility with pre-designed primers, select application and design mode, then select the 'Include/Exclude' box at the bottom of the second pull-down menu. In the next screen, users may input the desired primer sequences into the 'Anchored' column of the oligonucleotide table. The RealTimeDesign™ (RTD™) software will then proceed to design a Dual-labeled BHQ® or BHQplus® probe within those predefined primer sequences.

Note: LGC Biosearch Technologies does not recommend using primers designed outside of the RTD software because primers used for other applications (e.g. gel electrophoresis) are often inappropriate for qPCR. The RTD software uses parameter settings that are proven to design primers and probe sets with optimal performance.