NGS. Generating progress together.

The power of next generation sequencing (NGS) has transformed how we interrogate genetic information; it delivers information on an unprecedented scale and provides an opportunity to conquer challenges unresolved by previous technologies. However, outstanding achievements are seldom realised in isolation.

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The future of NGS is whatever you want it to be

Replacing established processes to take advantage of NGS technology can be complicated, costly, and time-consuming. So why not step into the future with LGC by your side? Whether you want custom or bulk products or simply need off-the-shelf kits and components, we can help make your NGS project a success.

Custom and bulk products

Our dedicated teams will work with you to develop the high-quality specialty components your research demands, and because we have our own global supply chain, you can be sure that we will deliver your products and services wherever and whenever you need them.

Off-the-shelf kits and components

If you simply require the convenience of ready-to-go kits and components for your NGS project, then we can help with that too. Our range of off-the-shelf kits and components work right out of the box and because they are manufactured using our Quality Systems, you can be sure they will perform to the highest standards.

Convenient laboratory service solutions

Can you meet your production goals? Do you know the best approach for your NGS project? Perhaps you just want to trial a new technology or need a quick and professional way to generate NGS data? For those situations and many more, we have a range of convenient laboratory services. With over a decade in NGS service projects behind us we’ve learned what is needed to make your project a success.

Progress driven by innovation

At LGC, we are constantly finding new ways to address the challenges faced by researchers using NGS. Our goal is to improve your sequencing data and processes through simplicity, speed, quality reagents, and enhanced kit performance. Whether you want ready-to-go kits, off-the-shelf components, or full-service support, our experts will help you achieve better NGS results.

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Quality at every stage

Our facilities and Quality Assurance procedures support compliance with GMP, GLP, GCP, ISO 13485, ISO 17034, ISO 17043, ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 9001.

Whether you want custom, bulk, or off-the-shelf solutions, we can provide critical components that address the entire NGS workflow. Our extensive accredited quality systems and manufacturing ensure every product is produced to the highest applicable standards for research, molecular diagnostics and clinical applications.

From sample prep to data analysis – we’ve got it covered

We are an international leader in life sciences with over 20 years of proven excellence in genomics and advanced sequencing technologies. Our dedicated NGS division brings world-leading expertise, services, components, and complete kit solutions together with best-in-class technologies to address the entire NGS workflow.

Seeking a partner for your NGS projects?

With a firm commitment to work with you over the long term, our custom service will provide all the support you need to successfully progress your NGS projects from start to finish.