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Biosearch Technologies is the complete genomics portfolio from LGC, providing genomic analysis tools, instrumentation and services to support mission critical customer applications worldwide.

Our expansive portfolio brings together all our brands into one place, offering integrated tools and technologies to accelerate sample preparation, amplification, cloning and expression, sequencing, oligonucleotides, and nucleic acid chemistry reagents for customers around the world.

We supply a broad range of powerful, high fidelity PCR and qPCR probes, and custom primers, as well as a series of Next Generation Sequencing services – all while working in collaboration with our customers to reach optimised solutions.

We might just be bigger than you thought!


Our mission is simple. We are driven by the desire to be a world class genomics partner with the high-performance products and services that will accelerate the achievement of our customers’ ambitions.

Whether in molecular diagnostics, healthcare or agrigenomics, our collaborative and consultative nature means that our teams can work directly with our customers to answer each specific challenge.


Disruptive technologies and NGS

Next generation sequencing (NGS) is a disruptive game changer for genomics, allowing us to answer ever broader and deeper scientific questions in our global drive towards personalised medicine and security of food supply.

How do scientists and businesses cope in such a rapidly changing environment?

Watch this video, in which Emma Millican, Global Head of NGS at LGC, Biosearch Technologies, explains how choosing the right technology partner is essential for R&D scientists, to enable the optimal co-development of NGS applications in healthcare and agrigenomics.

Hy-Line International - detecting SNP variations with
KASP(®) technology

The volumes and complexity of data generated by this (KASP) technology is unimaginable. The dedicated Kraken™ software system is used to analyse and track the SNP data and the results are then rapidly integrated into the existing databases that contain the thousands of collected data points gathered from the research farms and global field tests.

Dr. Fulton, J.E.

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Jackson Laboratory - Flexible assay design
with superior SNP
genotyping performance

LGC‘s KASP genotyping chemistry was our preferred choice because it not only provided cost benefits but it also contributed greatly in achieving flexibility in designing assays required for genotyping SNPs.

Dr Petkov. P.

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University of Bristol - improving wheat varieties

We selected LGC’s KASP genotyping chemistry because it was the only platform on the market that could overcome our challenges. We had confidence in the technological ability of KASP to increase our quality of data, ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of our findings, in addition to improving the credibility and validity of our studies.

Professor Keith Edwards

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