Next generation beads for DNA purification from blood

Blood samples can often vary considerably in quality, and this can lead to wide variations in the consistency and yield of extracted DNA. Molecular testing protocols, including genotyping and next-generation sequencing applications require reliable and high quality sample preparations; sbeadex® blood kits meet these requirements.

DNA purification from blood protocol

sbeadex blood is a magnetic bead based DNA purification technology for blood samples of up to 200 µl volume. These proprietary superparamagnetic beads are double coated and include 2-binding steps and follow the standard workflow:

sbeadex blood kits have been developed as a high-throughput and cost-effective DNA isolation method. It supports automated DNA extractions using magnetic particle handlers (KingFisher™) as well as liquid handlers.

Standard blood sample (anticoagulants) and preparations are:

  • EDTA blood
  • Heparin blood
  • Citrate blood
  • Buffy coats

Applications for sbeadex blood kits

  • NGS: enzymatic fragmentation
  • Library/Cloning: suitable for digestion and ligation
  • qPCR/PCR: compatible with fluorescent BHQ probes and KASP chemistry
  • Sanger Sequencing

Due to the adaptability of the sbeadex blood kit chemistry, modifications to the standard protocol can easily be performed, dependent on the input sample volume, the storage conditions of the blood sample, and the anticoagulation factors used. sbeadex blood represents the next generation of magnetic beads, allowing highest flexibility in terms of sample volume, automation, washing conditions and other important purification requirements.

Advantages of a double-coated sbeadex blood purification kit

  • Efficient - purification of high molecular weight DNA from whole blood and buffy coat preparations
  • High quality – consistent OD260/280 ≥ 1.8 ratio and an average OD260/230 1.9 ratio
  • Easy to automate – magnetic microparticle handling offers flexibility
  • Absence of PCR inhibitors – no organic solvents or chaotropic salts in final wash buffers.
  • Convenient – all buffers supplied are ready to use
  • Optimised protocols  - Less than 1 hour to DNA

Order information

All reagents in the sbeadex blood kits come ready to use.

Catalogue number Description Number of purifications per kit*
NAP44401 sbeadex blood kit 96 
NAP44410 sbeadex blood kit 960
NAP44100 sbeadex blood kit 5,000
NAP44404 sbeadex blood kit (Asia-Pacific) 96
NAP44440 sbeadex blood kit (Asia-Pacific) 960
NAP44400 sbeadex blood kit (Asia-Pacific) 5,000

*The number of purifications is based on LGC’s standard protocol that assumes 200 μL starting blood volume.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Blood DNA purification kit specifications

Colour Dark brown 
Magnetic bead structure Proprietary double-coated technology (competitor: single-coated)
Size and shape Irregular
Diameter: 80% 5 – 10 µm; all < 53 µm
Maximum capacity 2 µg DNA / mg sbeadex particle
Binding material and technology 2-step binding mechanism: first
silica and second DNA adaptor
Purification format Prepare in 1.5 mL tubes/96-well blocks
Automation KingFisher (lab validated); applicable with alternative open liquid handlers
Sample material Blood; Livestock; Forensics; Plasmids; other human samples
Yield From 4 – 12  µg
Average yield 6.7 µg
Scale 100 µL to 200 µL tested with no effect on yield with an elution range from 50 – 200 µL
Purify from a range of blood storage conditions Within 8 hours of blood collection and up to 3 years (-20 ° C) in storage