sbeadex™ magnetic microparticles enables the automated high-throughput extraction and purification of high quality DNA preparations. A novel two step binding mechanism via an adapter allows binding of nucleic acids more specifically. Final washes with pure water deliver nucleic acids in high yield, purity and quality. sbeadex chemistry is perfectly adapted to our high-throughput extraction platform: the oKtopure™.

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  • Development of customised protocols to your requirements
  • Tailor-made extractions like modified lysis or eluation steps according to user requirements
  • Extraction speed optimisation - quicker results
  • Highly flexible batch sizes
  • No potential PCR inhibitors in final wash buffers - e.g. organic solvents, salts
  • Applicable for most popular robotic platforms (f.e. Hamilton, TECAN or KingFisher)
  • Achieve sustainable extraction with non-ethanol wash
  • Sbeadex is suitable for many different sample types including plant, blood, tissue, forensic and plasmid extractions.
Catalogue number Description Unit size
NAP41601 sbeadex mini plant (20-30 mg starting material) 96 tests
NAP41602 sbeadex maxi plant (80-100 mg starting material)  96 tests
NAP41610 sbeadex mini plant (20-30 mg starting material) 960 tests
NAP41620 sbeadex maxi plant (80-100 mg starting material) 960 tests
NAP41151 Debris capture beads 10 mL
NAP41152 Debris capture beads 100 mL
NAP41301 sbeadex plasmid  96 tests
NAP41310 sbeadex plasmid  960 tests
NAP41405 sbeadex tissue (DNA extraction from 20-30 mg tissue) 96 tests
NAP41450 sbeadex tissue (DNA extraction from 20-30 mg tissue) 960 tests
NAP41501 sbeadex forensic 96 tests
NAP41510 sbeadex forensic 960 tests
NAP41701 sbeadex PCR clean-up kit 96 tests

The particles used in the sbeadex™ and mag™ kits are modified superparamagnetic particles, which allow efficient and high quality purification of small and large DNA fragments. These allow efficient and high quality purification of small and large nucleic acid fragments of several sample materials. The beads are attracted by strong permanent magnets, but they do not become permanent magnets.

Parameters of the magnetic particles:

Colour Dark brown
Size < 53 µm, 80% 5-10 µm
Shape irregular
Specific weight 3.0 – 3.5 g / 10 mL dry particles
Maximum capacity 2 µg DNA / mg particles
Storage/stability > 2 years as dry powder at room temperature (normally the beads are delivered as suspension which is stable approx. 6 months)

LGC developed standard protocols on a broad variety of robotic platforms for extractions of all major plant species, plant samples and other sample matrices. As protocols on the KingFisher platform can easily be transferred and installed, we provide application notes based on our sbeadex standard chemistry. For all other robotic platforms and sample material not mentioned, please contact us. The extractions team is very experienced with a wide range of sample matrices, having worked with all kinds of samples in our DNA extraction service laboratories. We are able to send you DNA extraction protocols for many sample types that are not mentioned here.

sbeadex SDS by kit


All sbeadex and mag SDS

5 x Enrichment Buffer BLL - 100 kB

Binding additive TN EN - 46.3 kB

Binding Buffer BL - 181 kB

Binding buffer PN 2 - 202 kB

Binding buffer PN FN (concentrate) - 77.0 kB

Binding Buffer PN FN PCR - 200 kB

Binding Buffer SB - 301 kB

Binding buffer SB (concentrate) - 182 kB

Buffer EB BL - 37.0 kB

debris capture beads - 37.1 kB

Elutions Buffer 4xAMP for EU - 43.8 kB

Elutions Buffer AMP - 54.1 kB

Elutions Buffer BL BLM BLm PN FN PLN - 37.4 kB

Lysis Buffer BL - 59.3 kB

Lysis Buffer BLm BLM - 89.1 kB

Lysis Buffer BLQ - 48.5 kB

Lysis Buffer BNM Binding Buffer TN - 76.9 kB

Lysis Buffer EX1 - 179 kB

Lysis Buffer EX2 - 180 kB

Lysis Buffer Hair - 48.6 kB

Lysis Buffer NA - 182 kB

Lysis Buffer P Lysis Buffer PN - 193 kB

Lysis buffer PLN - 153 kB

Lysis Buffer PVP - 179 kB

Lysis buffer PVP + Lysis buffer SB - 183 kB

Lysis Buffer SB - 182 kB

Lysis Buffer TN - 48.5 kB

Lysis- Wash Buffer C1 - 165 kB

mag particle suspension BLM - 131 kB

mag particle suspension maxi - 37.1 kB

Neutralisation buffer PLN - 118 kB

PK Solution Protease Solution - 114 kB

Resuspension buffer PLN - 37.1 kB

RNase A - 47.3 kB

Sample storage buffer - 193 kB

sbeadex SL binding mix - 38.7 kB

sbeadex⌐ particle suspension - 37.0 kB

sbeadex⌐ particle suspension + EDTA - 43.5 kB

Wash Buffer A1 - 154 kB

Wash Buffer A1 (concentrate) - 37.1 kB

Wash Buffer BL1 - 36.9 kB

Wash Buffer BL2 BLM2 BLm2 - 37.2 kB

Wash Buffer BLm 1 BLM 1 - 163 kB

Wash Buffer BN1 - 226 kB

Wash Buffer BN1 (concentrate) - 90.9 kB

Wash Buffer PB - 196 kB

Wash Buffer PN1 FN1 TN1 - 200 kB

Wash Buffer PN1 FN1 TN1 (concentrate) - 77.0 kB

Wash Buffer PN2 FN2 TN2 BLN PLN for EU - 38.8 kB