Nexar™ is a modular inline liquid handling and assay processing system offering a highly scalable solution for PCR-based genotyping.

nexar instrument

Soellex™ - Waterbath thermocycling

The Soellex is an ultra high-throughput endpoint polymerase chain reaction (PCR) thermal cycler leveraging a 3-chamber water bath. The heating system in the Soellex tightly controls the temperature throughout the water bath delivering efficient and rapid energy transfer into your samples. The Soellex is capable of processing up to three spools of Array Tape, each with 200 arrays in 384-well format.

Therefore, the Soellex has the potential to simultaneously thermal cycle up to 230,400 PCR reactions in a single run.

Araya™ - Assay detection

Araya is an inline fluorescence detection instrument that includes fully automated Array Tape in-feed, bar code reading, fluorescence detection, and Array Tape out-feed. The typical scan time of a 384-well array in Array Tape is 28 seconds. One reel of 200 arrays in 384 format can be read out in approximately 2 hours.


Genotyping application Array Tape® Process on Nexar, Soellex and Araya®
Build assay The Nexar dispenses 0.8 µL sample and 0.8 µL reagent in the equivalent of 277 384-plates in a continuous strip of Array Tape
Process Entire reel of Array Tape is sealed and loaded into the Soellex water bath for approximately 90-120 minutes
Dry The reel of Array Tape is dried (optional on a custom centrifuge)
Detection The Araya scans the entire reel at a rate of 28 seconds per 384-well array
Plates/day 400 arrays (384 wells)
Data points/day 153,600
Processing time 8 hours