Next generation beads for DNA purification from blood

Blood samples can often vary considerably in quality, and this can lead to wide variations in the consistency and yield of isolated DNA. Molecular testing protocols, including genotyping and next-generation sequencing applications require reliable and high-quality sample preparations.

The sbeadex™ Blood DNA Purification Kit meets these requirements. It has been developed for high-throughput, cost-effective, and customisable DNA isolation from whole blood (fresh and frozen), buffy coats and FTA cards and supports automated DNA isolations using common magnetic particle/liquid handlers (e.g. KingFisher™). The sbeadex blood chemistry represents the next generation of magnetic beads, allowing highest flexibility in terms of sample volume, automation, washing conditions and other important purification requirements.


  • Nucleic acid isolation from blood samples (e.g. whole blood, buffy coats, heparin/EDTA/citrate blood)
  • Screening and detection of genetic diseases
  • Nucleic acid preparation for various downstream applications (NGS, PCR/qPCR, library cloning, Sanger sequencing)

Key benefits

  • Efficient – purify high molecular weight DNA from whole blood and buffy coat preparations within 1 hour
  • High quality – consistent OD260/280 ≥ 1.8 ratio and an average OD260/230 1.9 ratio
  • Easy to automate – scale up sample processing with popular robotic platforms (e.g. Hamilton, TECAN, Beckman-Coulter or KingFisher)
  • Absence of PCR inhibitors – no organic solvents or chaotropic salts in final wash buffers
  • Convenient – minimise set-up time with high-stability, ready-to-use kits

Blood DNA purification protocols

sbeadex blood is a magnetic bead-based DNA purification technology for blood samples of up to 200 µL volume. Standard protocols are available for the following instruments/applications. 

  • 100 µL sbeadex blood protocol on the Thermo KingFisher magnetic particle processor;
  • 200 µL sbeadex blood protocol on the KingFisher magnetic particle processor.

Alternatively, LGC Biosearch Technologies can develop custom solutions for any laboratory setup. Contact our technical specialists for more information.

Protocol description

The sbeadex Blood DNA Purification Kit uses magnetic separation for the extraction and purification of nucleic acids. Superparamagnetic particles coated with sbeadex surface chemistry use a novel two-step binding mechanism, which, when combined with the washing steps, removes impurities from the blood preparation. After washing, the nucleic acid is eluted from the magnetic particles and is ready for use in a wide range of downstream processes.

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sbeadex Blood DNA Purification Kit offers the highest flexibility in terms of sample volume, automation, washing conditions and other important purification requirements. Modifications to the standard protocol can easily be performed, dependent on the input sample volume, the storage conditions of the blood sample, and the anticoagulation factors used. Biosearch Technologies offers pilot studies for non-standard sample materials to provide you with the best performing purification protocol.




Product name Cat. no. Number of purifications per kit  

sbeadex Blood DNA Purification Kit

NAP44401 96 Order now

sbeadex Blood DNA Purification Kit

NAP44410 960 Order now

sbeadex Blood DNA Purification Kit

NAP44100 5.000 Order now
sbeadex Blood DNA Purification Kit NAP40-022-04 10.000 Order now

*The number of purifications is based on LGC Biosearch Technologies’ standard protocol that assumes 200 μL starting blood volume.


  • For this kit we also offer a “no dangerous goods option” (e.g. for shipments to Asian-Pacific countries).
  • We also provide customised solutions as well as very economical bulk sizes.

Please contact us to support you establishing your individual setups or offering you individually tailored kits.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


sbeadex SDS by kit


All sbeadex and mag SDS

5 x Enrichment Buffer BLL - 100 kB

Binding additive TN EN - 46.3 kB

Binding Buffer BL - 181 kB

Binding buffer PN 2 - 202 kB

Binding buffer PN FN (concentrate) - 77.0 kB

Binding Buffer PN FN PCR - 200 kB

Binding Buffer SB - 301 kB

Binding buffer SB (concentrate) - 182 kB

Buffer EB BL - 37.0 kB

debris capture beads - 37.1 kB

Elutions Buffer 4xAMP for EU - 43.8 kB

Elutions Buffer AMP - 54.1 kB

Elutions Buffer BL BLM BLm PN FN PLN - 37.4 kB

Lysis Buffer BL - 59.3 kB

Lysis Buffer BLm BLM - 89.1 kB

Lysis Buffer BLQ - 48.5 kB

Lysis Buffer BNM Binding Buffer TN - 76.9 kB

Lysis Buffer EX1 - 179 kB

Lysis Buffer EX2 - 180 kB

Lysis Buffer Hair - 48.6 kB

Lysis Buffer NA - 182 kB

Lysis Buffer P Lysis Buffer PN - 193 kB

Lysis buffer PLN - 153 kB

Lysis Buffer PVP - 179 kB

Lysis buffer PVP + Lysis buffer SB - 183 kB

Lysis Buffer SB - 182 kB

Lysis Buffer TN - 48.5 kB

Lysis- Wash Buffer C1 - 165 kB

mag particle suspension BLM - 131 kB

mag particle suspension maxi - 37.1 kB

Neutralisation buffer PLN - 118 kB

PK Solution Protease Solution - 114 kB

Resuspension buffer PLN - 37.1 kB

RNase A - 47.3 kB

Sample storage buffer - 193 kB

sbeadex SL binding mix - 38.7 kB

sbeadex⌐ particle suspension - 37.0 kB

sbeadex⌐ particle suspension + EDTA - 43.5 kB

Wash Buffer A1 - 154 kB

Wash Buffer A1 (concentrate) - 37.1 kB

Wash Buffer BL1 - 36.9 kB

Wash Buffer BL2 BLM2 BLm2 - 37.2 kB

Wash Buffer BLm 1 BLM 1 - 163 kB

Wash Buffer BN1 - 226 kB

Wash Buffer BN1 (concentrate) - 90.9 kB

Wash Buffer PB - 196 kB

Wash Buffer PN1 FN1 TN1 - 200 kB

Wash Buffer PN1 FN1 TN1 (concentrate) - 77.0 kB

Wash Buffer PN2 FN2 TN2 BLN PLN for EU - 38.8 kB


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