Using PCR to design your molecular diagnostic assay

We’ve got your workflow covered from essential components to scalable know-how

LGC, Biosearch Technologies is a trusted partner to the world’s top 10 molecular diagnostic firms, supporting every stage of assay development from biomarker discovery through to commercialisation. We enable developers and clinical laboratories to execute on their projects across the spectrum, including point-of-care assays, infectious disease research, or cancer diagnostics.

How we support your workflow

Sample prep

DNA and RNA Extraction Kits (crude extract)

DNA and RNA Purification Kits (precipitation-based)

DNA Purification Kit from Human Blood (mag-bead-based or silica-based)

Oligos and probes

RUO oligos

PilotDx Program

GMP oligos

BHQ Probes Labels

BHQ Probes Quenchers


DNA and RNA Polymerases

Reverse Transcriptases

Enzymes for Isothermal Amplification

Ligases (standard and thermostable)

Master mixes


Isothermal Amplification Mixes

The right kind of collaboration allows you to develop your assay with confidence

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Sample prep essentials

We provide a range of DNA and RNA extraction and purification methods and tools with:

  • Fast protocols
  • Simple workflows
  • High-quality, high-yield DNA
  • Wide range of sample types
  • Flexible customisation
  Kleargene™ silica sbeadex blood QuickExtract* MasterPure
Automation Semi-automated Fully automated Semi-automated Semi-automated
Corresponding instrument Genespin™ KingFisher
Liquid handlers
Liquid handlers Liquid handlers
Downstream applications PCR All PCR applications All
DNA quality PCR grade Highest DNA quality PCR grade High
Nucleic acid type DNA DNA DNA, RNA DNA, RNA
Throughput (w/ instrument) > 1,000 extractions/ day < 600 extractions/ instrument > 1,000 extractions/ day < 600 extractions/ instrument
Storability of DNA Several years (-20 °C) Several years (-20 °C) 4 weeks Several years (-20 °C)

Manufactured with high reproducibility and consistency

Our vertical product integration empowers us to deliver the same consistent product regardless of scale, while our flexible production platform enables us to fine-tune to your needs.

Outstanding oligos and probes

As the original inventor of the Black Hole Quencher™ (BHQ™) dyes, Biosearch Technologies has been helping molecular diagnostic companies from discovery to commercialisation for over 35 years. Our capabilities span the full spectrum of oligo synthesis:

  • Thousands of modifications, including specialty reagents
  • Fluorophores and quenchers spanning across the spectrum
  • Research-grade to GMP-compliant oligos
  • Customisable to your specifications

Delivered how you want it

We thrive on collaborating to meet your specific requirements. Don’t see an exact fit here? We’re happy to discuss any custom, OEM, or bulk formats to be tailored to your workflow.

Enzymes and Master mixes -
Where fundamentals meet flexibility

We manufacture top notch enzymes and optimized master mixes under ISO 13485 compliance in customisable formulations and formats:

Developing NGS assays?

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"We’ve chosen to work with LGC for our high volume, custom enzyme needs, and they’ve proven to be a reliable supplier of these critical components. The custom enzymes stand out in terms of quality and consistent product performance."

Abe Oommen, President MatMaCorp Inc

See how Biosearch Technologies helped Tecan Genomics develop a reliable supply chain to meet the demands of rapid growth in NGS kit production.

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The right kind of collaboration allows you to develop your assay with confidence