Develop a molecular diagnostic test that expedites results

Reagents optimised for MDx kit development

The RapiDxFire™ collection of enzymes and master mix were formulated to be lyo-compatible, and adaptable to meet the individual needs of clinical labs or point-of-care (POC) users. They offer reduced reaction times without sacrificing sensitivity, so users can get their results faster.

  • 48-hour reaction benchtop stability ideal for automated workflows.
  • Glycerol-free, Triton-free, and high concentration for adaptable test development and easier global shipment.
  • Enhanced room-temperature enzyme stability in glycerol-free storage buffer (>28 days at 37 °C).

RapiDxFire Thermostable Reverse Transcriptase
A truly thermostable reverse transcriptase for fast synthesis of short cDNA (< 1Kb)

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  • Extremely active at high temperatures (55 to 80 °C): Improves specificity of cDNA synthesis from diverse RNA templates.
  • Lyo-compatible formulation is stable at room temperature for > 6 months.
  • Short reaction times (> 5 minutes) streamline RT-qPCR workflows and speed time to results.

RapiDxFire Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase
For sensitive detection of low abundance target DNA

  • Sensitive detection (~10 genomic DNA copies) for detecting low abundance targets.
  • Fast activation time (as short as 15 seconds).
  • Available in glycerol-free formulations.

RapiDxFire qPCR 5X Master Mix GF
High-performing, lyo-compatible master mix for sensitive pathogen detection

  • 5X dye-free formulation offering flexible reaction setups and protocols.
  • Sensitive detection down to ~10 genomic DNA copies.
  • Wide dynamic range for multiplexing.

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“RapiDxFire is truly one of a kind product. Since the day it arrived we started getting beautiful RT-PCR reactions with clean and sharp bands that, in most cases, looked better than other competitors. What we like the most is its thermostability, which makes it capable of preparing one-step reactions quickly. ”

Carlos Fabian Fores-Jasso from lnstituto National de Medicina Genomica

See how RapiDxFire Thermostable Reverse Transcriptase (RT) edges ahead of other RTs on the market

Essential qPCR components for MDx tests your customers can rely on

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