GMP & Commercial Services

LGC Biosearch Technologies provides comprehensive, cost-effective nucleic acid services. As the leading vertically integrated supplier, we enable the greatest control over costs and supply chain demands, while our dye/quencher IP allows you freedom to operate. Our innovations, the Black Hole Quencher® and complementary reporter dyes, are used universally by large, established partners, and innovative startups for diverse applications.

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DNA / RNA extraction services

Depending on project size, requirements & the biological background, LGC can provide different extraction technologies and optimised fit-for-purpose solutions.

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Industries We Serve

If your target has nucleic acids, we can design and manufacture oligos for your purpose. Our services team routinely provides design strategies and unique oligo modifications on a global scale for expansive research projects, Human Diagnostics, Plant and Veterinary Diagnostics, Genotyping, Screening, Food Safety assays and Biodefense projects.

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OEM & Kit Manufacturing

LGC Biosearch serves a number of assay kit companies globally. We can design and assemble part, or most of your kits that are tailored to your specifications, and provided to you with your private label.

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Pre-clinical & Therapeutics

Development of oligos as aptamers, antisense, and RNAi therapeutics, and the requirement for highly modified oligos falls into perfect harmony with LGC Biosearch Technologies’ manufacturing expertise.

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qPCR Design Collaborations

If you have a large project that requires great attention to detail by experienced assay designers, please talk to our customer support group about terms for large oligo design projects. We will work with your team to provide the compatibility you need across your assays.

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Biosearch BLOG
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