illumina arrays

Listed below is an overview of the existing arrays available for genotyping. For the development of custom arrays, or if you have any questions please contact us.

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Array Order no. Array information Reference
Wheat 90K TA090 The array contains 81,587 functional markers of which 56,388 reveal polymorphism in a wide range of material. 30,238 markers are also polymorphic in Durum wheat Wang et al., 2014 Biotechnology J. 12: 787-796
Wheat 15K TA015 The 15K array contains a total of 12905 functional and predominantly haplotype-specific SNP markers selected from the best markers of the 90K array and a small set of candidate genes for major phenology traits such as Ppd, Rht and some quality traits. The array is also very useful for the genotyping of tetraploid Durum wheat (12,235 scoreable markers). TraitGenetics internal development, currently unpublished
Brassica 60K BN060 The Brassica 60K array contains 47,294 markers that can be scored in Brassica napus. 26,504 markers can be analyzed in Brassica oleracea and 29,720 in Brassica rapa. Parkin et al., in preparation
Brassica 15K BN015 The Brassica 15K array contains predominantly haplotype-specific and genome-specific markers that can be scored in Brassica napus. 9,745 markers can be analysed in Brassica oleracea and 8,526 in Brassica rapa. TraitGenetics internal development, currently unpublished
Maize 50K ZM050 The Maize SNP50 array contains 49585 functional SNP markers mostly located in maize genes. It has been validated in germplasm ranging from elite inbreds and land races to the wild ancestor Teosinte.  Ganal et al., 2011 PLoS One 6(12):e28334. doi: 10.1371
Maize 3K ZM003 The Maize 3K  array is specially designed for a first analysis of maize lines and for the analysis of genetic relationships (especially within investigations regarding essential derivation). ouselle et al., 2015 Crop Science 55: 1170-1180
Barley 9K HV009 This 9K Illumina Infinium array carries a total of 7864 SNP markers and has been widely used for genetic analysis like genetic mapping, marker-trait associations, genomic selection, marker assisted backcrossing, and other applications.  Comadran et al., 2012 Nat Genet. 44: 1388-1392
Oat 6K AS006 This 6K oat array contains 4975 markers.  3687 markers can be reliably scored in a hexaploid genome environment. Tinker et al., 2014 Plant Genome 7(3):doi: 10.3835
Potato 12K ST012 The new SOLCAP 12K potato array contains 10463 scoreable markers. We can analyse this array both in a diploid and a tetraploid (with allele calling for all five different allelic states) genome environment. SOLCAP, in preparation
Cotton 63K GH063 This array contains 55,201 markers that can be scored in a wide range of tetraploid cotton germplasm including wild relatives Hulse et al, 2015 G3 Apr 22. pii: g3.115.018416. doi: 10.1534/g3
Sunflower 30K HA030 The sunflower 30K array contains 20501 functional markers that can be analysed in a wide range of sunflower germplasm. Lavaja et al., submitted
Pepper 19K CA019 The 19K Infinium array contains 16,405 SNP marker assays. The markers on this array have been carefully selected for a high level of polymorphism in bell and hot peppers  TraitGenetics in collaboration with UC Davis (A. van Deynze and H. Ashhrafi), in preparation
Tomato 10K SL010 The 10K SOLCAP genotyping array contains more than 7,700 markers and has now been widely used for the characterisation of tomato germplasm.  Sim et al., 2012 PLoS One 7(7):e40563. doi: 10.1371
Soybean 6K GM006 The 6K soybean SNP genoytping array has been developed from the previously established 50K soybean genotyping array. It contains 5236 scoreable markers that are of very high quality and can easily be scored in soybean breeding material.  High quality markers selected from Song et al., 2013 PLoS One 8(1):e54985. doi: 10.1371
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