qPCR design collaborations

If you have a large project that requires great attention to detail by experienced assay designers, please talk to our customer support group about terms for large oligo design projects. We will work with your team to provide the compatibility you need across your assays.

LGC, Biosearch Technologies has a team of highly trained molecular biologists and oligonucleotide chemists to assist with your industrial projects. Our team can provide guidance for the selection of the optimal modified oligos for your particular instrumentation and applications.

We can also be a collaborator to assist with the in silico design of your assays panels. Let us accelerate the development of your assays from inception to deployment. We have decades of experience worked with a broad range of customers and fields including molecular diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, government agencies and agricultural sciences.

We are happy to discuss your needs and how we might partner to be your oligo supplier to provide the highest performing assays with economical delivery options.

Let’s talk about your oligo needs. Reach us at techsupport@biosearchtech.com