Overview and applications

Amp-Seq overview

The patent pending LGC Biosearch Technologies Amp-Seq method was developed in collaboration with the agricultural biotechnology industry to ensure it meets the highest standards in industrial genotyping. The unprecedented workflow simplicity and scalability enables a frameshift in throughput that can drive the pace of breeding programs to exceed expectations in reducing time to bring new traits to the market.

The high SNP call rates and concordance versus alternative methods facilitates transitioning to Amp-Seq while retaining expected data comparability and reproducibility. Additionally, the robustness of the method drives increased evenness of coverage and compatibility with a variety of sample types and preparation methods, which in turn guarantees significant workflow cost reductions.

  • High-throughput workflow for NGS-based genotyping in your lab (in-house)
  • Co-developed with industry leaders for agricultural biotechnology
  • Proprietary chemistry
  • Target up to 5,000 markers per sample
  • Compatible with a variety of sample types and DNA preparation methods
  • The Amp-Seq workflow includes:
    • Amp-Seq targeting oligo library (panel)
    • Amp-Seq core reagent system
    • Amp-Seq index plates
    • BiosearchCaller analysis pipeline
  • The workflow deployment service includes:
    • Targeting oligo library design service
    • Optimisation for various species and sample types
    • Wet-lab implementation support reagent system deployment
    • Automation compatibility and scale up support (optional)
    • BiosearchCaller data analysis pipeline installation and support (optional)
    • Customisation options (optional)

Amp-Seq is developed for high-throughput genotyping applications including:

  • Genomic selection
  • Parentage testing
  • Marker assisted selection (MAS) and back-crossing (MABC)
  • QA/QC testing
  • Plant and animal breeding
  • Other high throughput genotyping applications