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5-TAMRA; 5' Modification for Custom Oligos

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The 5-5TAM modification incorporates a fluorescent tetramethylrhodamine (TAMRA) moiety at the 5' terminus of an oligonucleotide. 5' TAMRA modified oligonucleotides can be used in a wide array of applications, including dual-labeled fluorogenic probes for real-time PCR. TAMRA is a rhodamine dye and this product is prepared using the 5-carboxy isomer. TAMRA fluoresces in yellow-orange region of the visible spectrum and can be effectively quenched by BHQ®-2 dye.

Modification Prices
Catalog NumberSynthesis ScalePrice
5-5TAM-11 µmol$90.00
5-5TAM-2200 nmol$60.00
5-5TAM-550 nmol$50.00


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Note: All standard bases will be converted into RNA.
Nonstandard bases ignored.

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ALERT! Trying to build a fluorescence-quenched probe? If so, please use the appropriate order form to receive accurate pricing. Otherwise this oligonucleotide will be processed on a quotation basis.
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