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Build Your Custom Oligos

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Whether you require labeled, unlabeled oligos, or pcr primers, Biosearch Technologies can meet your exact needs as we offer custom modifications at extremely competitive rates. Most oligos are shipped in less than five to seven working days.  Certificates of Analysis are available upon request.

The "Build Your Custom Oligos" Quick Order form allows you to build your custom DNA, RNA, and even DNA/RNA hybrid sequences. If you would like to order a dual-labeled probe, please use our Dual-Labeled BHQ® Probes quick order form.  We also offer other fluorogenic probe and primer formats.

A few ordering tips...


Building Oligos with RNA Bases

  • Indicate that your are inserting an RNA base by selecting rA, rC, rG or rU from the Internal Modification drop down menu or by checking the RNA checkbox if your sequence is entirely RNA.

Building Oligos with Internal Modification(s)

  • If your oligo requires an internal modification, make a selection and then click the ADD button.  The internal modification will be inserted at the point of the cursor.

  • Adding an internal modification annotated by T(...) indicates that a Thymidine base is attached to the internal modification. Please be aware that an additional T base will be introduced into the sequence when adding such an internal modification.

Building Oligos with Wobble/Degenerate Bases (What are Wobbles?)

  • To ensure the most efficient processing of your oligo, use IUPAC code when entering wobble/degenerate bases in the Sequence Entry field instead of using parentheses, e.g. (A/G), (A/G/C/T), etc.

Synthesis Scale vs. Final Yield

  • The synthesis scale and final yield are not the same due to the several steps involved in probe/primer synthesis. These steps include coupling of each base, cleavage of oligonucleotide from solid support and purification steps.  The combination of these steps cause the final yield of the oligo to be less than the synthesis scale (starting material).

Ordering Oligos Delivered in Plates

  • Ordering a LOT of oligos?  Visit our Oligos in Plates webpage where you can download our column or row format excel order forms.  Prices start at $0.15 per base with a minimum order of 48 oligos. 

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