Watch Webinar Advances in RNA Characterization:
Moving Beyond Traditional Techniques
Dr. Loyal Goff, Johns Hopkins
Dr. Robert Spitale, UC Irvine
Dr. Sanjay Tyagi, Rutgers - New Jersey Medical School
Design - Analyze - Experiment - Play Your Online Lab for qPCR
Illuminating the Dark Matter of the Genome
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GMP & Commercial Services

Our ISO 13485:2003-certified cGMP production facility manufactures oligo components for molecular diagnostic assays and commercial kits. Learn more.

Synthesis Reagents

We offer quality, specialty amidites, columns and bulk CPG for synthesizing DNA and RNA oligonucleotides. Learn more.

LGC Biosearch & PCR

Peruse through LGC Biosearch’s story involving PCR’s past, present and future.  An informative webinar and poster are available for online viewing. Learn more.