How do LGC assign genotypes to the sample in my genotyping project?

Following completion of the initial 35 cycles of PCR, all genotyping reaction plates run at LGC are read on a BMG PHERAStar plate reader. This initial read data is visually inspected by a member of the genotyping team to assess the progression of the PCR reaction. The plates are then recycled (3 cycles per recycle step) and read after each recycle step. The laboratory operator visually inspects the read data after each recycle step and, once they are satisfied that the PCR reaction has reached endpoint, indentifies plates as completed. At this stage, our in-house Kraken™ software will automatically call genotypes for your samples. Your project manager will access the plate read data in Kraken and perform a detailed analysis of the data. This may require them to correct the automatically called genotypes that Kraken has given. Version one of your genotyping results is then exported within the Kraken system. A second project manager will then second check these results, and verify or change them in collaboration with your project manager. The results are then ready to send to you, the customer.