What are the recommended storage conditions for Dual-labeled BHQ® probes?

Unless otherwise requested, your product will arrive in a lyophilized state. We recommend dissolving the product (primers or probes) in a buffered solution of 10 mM TRIS-Cl and 1 mM EDTA, at pH 8.0, using nuclease-free water. The stock concentration should be 100 µM or greater and stored at -20 °C or colder. From this primary stock we recommend you make aliquots with sufficient material for a day’s set of experiments and store at -20 °C or colder. Probes should be subjected to a minimum number of freeze thaw cycles. Fluorophore-labeled products are sensitive to photobleaching. Protect from the sunlight and keep in the dark when possible. We recommend storing probes in amber microtubes or wrapping tubes with foil.

For more information, please refer to our Storage and Handline of Primers, Custom Oligos, & BHQ® Probes brochure.