I struggle to get good results in my downstream assay with my current extraction technology. Will sbeadex blood help?

sbeadex blood provides high quality DNA suitable for all downstream applications, including NGS. If your current extraction technology is failing because of sample quality, sbeadex blood will resolve the issue.

However, additional causes of failure maybe:

Old/ degraded blood samples
  • DNA fragments may be too degraded or too small to function in downstream application.
  • Blood clotting might be a problem.
  • Test by performing control experiments with fresh blood or spiked samples.
Storage medium and method used to store blood samples
  • sbeadex blood is compatible with all common anticoagulants such as EDTA, Heparin, Citrate.
  • sbeadex blood is compatible with whole blood: fresh and frozen, buffy coats, FTA cards, Plasma/ Serum.
  • Typical storage conditions:
    • Approx. 1-4 weeks at 4°C
    • Approx. 1-12 months at -20°C
  • Longer storage may impact DNA quality.
Method (not followed)/ requires adaptation
  • Please describe your sample matrices (volume; storage, etc) and results required, also review method used.
  • Be sure to follow the protocol provided with Sbeadex blood kit unless we give specific advice to optimise for your needs.
Downstream assay not working/ highly sensitive to input DNA quality
  • Ethanol carryover in final step can cause reaction failure. sbeadex blood does not use ethanol in final step before elution, making this problem less likely.
  • Use controls with downstream assay toconfirm assay performance It is also possible to use controls in your extraction process.
Low DNA concentrate in downstream assays
  • In our validation studies, sbeadex blood provides 4 to 12 µg, average yield 6.7 µg across sample types listed using the standard protocol. Providing there is adequate accessible DNA in the sample extracted, sbeadex blood should provide adequate DNA for most downstream applications.