What yields can I expect from various sample types with sbeadex Blood?

Yields will depend on quality of blood sample and also storage conditions and time stored. As a rough guide, see the table below.

However, we recommend you try sbeadex blood to get a more accurate idea of yields in your laboratory with your sample type.

Sample DNA yields Notes
200 µl fresh whole blood 4 to 12 µg, average yield 6.7 µg  
200 µl frozen whole blood 3-8 µg Yields lowered because white blood cells are destroyed by freezing / thawing the sample; DNA gets lost
20 µl buffy coat (from 200 µl blood) 4-10 µg Slight loss of DNA in buffy coat preparation
1 FTA punch 100 ng + Difficult to estimate as various FTA cards have differing collection capacities. Please discuss your needs with us.
200 µl plasma/ serum No data