Array genotyping alternatives

While we no longer offer array genotyping services, we have improved our support to include sequencing-based genotyping as a replacement strategy. By working with our expert team to design a custom SNP panel specific to your breeding or genotyping program, you avoid the wasteful coverage of irrelevant targets in off-the-shelf arrays while gaining insights and new information specific to your strains. Sequencing with SeqSNP can not only reveal whether a SNP of interest is present, but also provides additional information on the surrounding sequence potentially revealing valuable insight and identifying new markers.

  • SeqSNP targeted genotyping by sequencing service to screen hundreds to 10,000+ markers on an industrial scale.
  • GBS genotyping by sequencing is the method of choice for genome wide SNP discovery without prior knowledge of the genome sequence and is the ideal first step when moving from array genotyping without a well-defined reference genome.
  • High quality DNA extraction service can start with a wide variety of starting materials and includes a convenient collection kit.  Extracted DNA can seamlessly flow into sequencing projects or be shipped on to array service providers as preferred.