Can LGC Biosearch Technologies' probes (and dyes) be used for fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH)?

LGC Biosearch Technologies offers Stellaris™ RNA FISH probes and associated products for RNA FISH. We do not currently support DNA FISH applications. Historically, FISH probes were cDNA labeled enzymatically with multiple fluorophores. A single synthetic oligonucleotide labeled with a fluorophore is not sufficiently bright for reliable visualisation under a microscope and therefore multiple probes are necessary. With Stellaris RNA FISH Probes, multiple probes hybridise in series along the transcript of interest. The combined fluorescence from the probe set hybridised to the transcript can be seen as a diffraction-limited spot in a widefield fluorescence microscope, allowing both the location of the RNA and the copy number per cell to be revealed.