The Meridian3 ™ system provides non-contact, continuous reagent dispensing, ideal for genotyping, standard PCR and other applications. Originally developed for our own genotyping services laboratory, laboratories worldwide now use the Meridian technology to meet their high-throughput and efficiency needs.


  • Process time to dispense 1 μL reagent into a 1536-well plate is less than 45 seconds
  • Accuracy of <5% CV at 1 μL
  • Dispensing volumes from 1 μL to 50 μL in a standard* configuration

*For larger volumes contact our team for more options.


  • Vacuum-based 8-channel aspiration system allowing for multi-plate dispense
  • Automated mixing of assay and master mix or manual option available
  • Two plate positions, active working plate and load/unload plate, to increase throughput

Innovative liquid dispensing

  • Non-contact dispense eliminates potential for cross contamination, that means no more disposable tips
  • Integrated tip wash station
  • Enhanced motion control to ensure greater accuracy and control of dispense tip positioning

Intuitive user interface

  • Full software control
  • Simple pattern dispensing
  • Integration with proprietary Kraken™ software* for quick pattern dispensing via dropdown menu selection
  • Integrates seamlessly into SNPline™ automated workflow
  • Increased error control and data tracking with integrated 1D linear barcodes in Unicode 0128 format for plates and 2D data matrix barcode reading for up to 16 assay tubes

*If used with Kraken, Kraken version or above is required for full functionality

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Meridian3 dispense head

Consistent data sets using Meridian3

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Catalogue number Description
KBS-0011-002 Meridian3 - liquid handling system
KBS-0025-003 1-dimensional handheld barcode scanner
KBS-0099-034 4 litre oil-free compressor (230v)
KBS-0900-027 Meridian3 12-month Service Contract

Dispensing times

  Single plate 16 sequential plates
Plate density Dispense volume Dispense type Total time
Plate only MM:SS2 Total time
Average time/plate MM:SS1
96 5 μL 1 tip - full 3:00 0:24 22:00 1:13
8 tip - strip 1:45 0:03 7:45 0:29
384 3 μL 1 tip - full 3:55 1:00 46:00 2:53
8 tip - strip 2:00 0:08 8:50 0:33
1536 1 μL 1 tip - full 4:55 1:45 68:00 4:15
8 tip - strip 2:10 0:14 11:15 0:42

1 All times are recorded from the first plate being loaded onto the Meridian3, to the last being removed. Times include the Meridian3 automatic assay preparation with x3 master mixes. Also barcode scanning was enabled.
2 All dispensing times are recorded from the first well to the last well.


Enhancements from previous Meridian system

  • Vacuum-based aspirate system for multi-plate dispense with increased accuracy
  • Enhanced motion control for more accurate positioning of dispense tips
  • Integrated barcode reading
  • Automated mixing of assay and master mix
  • Two plate positions for enhanced efficiency and throughput

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