SNPline genotyping automation

The SNPline™ workflow consists of all instruments, software, and validated procedures needed to establish a highly cost-effective, flexible, and scalable PCR-based genotyping solution.

Plate replication

The RepliKator creates multiple daughter plates from source plates, which allows accurate replication of plates at the same or different densities efficiently and accurately.

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Liquid dispensing

In less than 45 seconds the Meridian² can dispense 1 µL of PCR reagents into a 1536-well plate. The Meridian² can be configured with either a single-channel or 8-channel dispensing head.

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Plate sealers

Our laboratory scientists and instrument development team have a strong history in the development of plate sealing instrumentation applying a range of technologies to seal plates of any type.

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Thermal cycler

The Hydrocycler™ combines throughput, efficiency & robust design to facilate high-throughput PCR. Up to 40% faster cycling time due to no need to ramp temperatures up or down.

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Plate reading

We recommend the BMG Omega F or PHERAstar plate readers. Both instruments have automated stacker options & can be integrated with third party stackers.

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