Nucleic acid purification instruments

LGC, Biosearch Technologies’ automated extraction platforms combine higher sample throughputs with the delivery of highly purified DNA and suit a wide range of downstream applications.


Genespin utilise spin plates & Kleargene chemistry for high-throughput DNA extraction from plant tissues in 96- & 384-well plates of more than 5,000 extraction per day.

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Significant advances in plant breeding have been facilitated by the rapid and continued advancement of molecular biology-based technologies. These are driving the need for new automated extraction platforms that combine higher sample throughputs with the delivery of highly purified DNA that is suitable for a wide range of downstream applications.

The oKtopure™ robot has been developed to deliver automated DNA extraction from 8 x 96 well microtitre plates in parallel; utilising the proprietary sbeadex magnetic bead based chemistry. The instrument delivers standardised, medium-throughput extractions and results in purification of high quality DNA suitable for all molecular biology based downstream applications including sequencing (NGS, Sanger) and SNP genotyping (e.g. KASP™).

The Genespin™ instrument delivers a higher sample throughput and is optimised for Kleargene, our spin plate-based DNA extraction chemistry. The instrument delivers standardised, semi-automated DNA extractions for downstream PCR-based applications. The instrument is compatible with both 96- and 384-well spin plates, and can be used to perform all lysate transfer and buffer addition steps.

  oKtopure Genespin
Compatible chemistry sbeadex™ Kleargene
Extraction technology Surface-modified superparamagnetic particles Spin plates: glass fibre solid support inserted to microtitre plate
Plate format 96-well 96-well or 384-well
Grade of automation Fully automated Semi automated
Throughput up to 3.000-4.000 samples/day up to 15.000-20.000 samples/day
DNA quality Very high Very good
Instrument costs Please inquire Please inquire
Consumables costs Low Very low
Sample type Leaf and seed tissue Leaf and seed tissue
Downstream applications All genomics based applications including Next-generation sequencing, Sanger sequencing, SNP genotyping PCR based applications