Screen for SARS-CoV-2 at scale

PCR-based COVID-19 testing powered by high-throughput automation from LGC and UgenTec

LGC, Biosearch Technologies has teamed up with UgenTec to offer automation powered by artificial intelligence, PCR analysis and reporting software for SARS-CoV-2 detection. High sample volume equates to even more data points to review and analyse.

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Dissolve bottlenecks hindering your lab’s throughput without increasing personnel

Introducing automation into your testing workflow decreases the time required to process samples and convert mass data into diagnostic results. Together, our high-throughput automation redefines lab efficiency and confidence in results through:

Enabling scalability and rapid turnaround times without burdening molecular and lab tech staff.

Seamless instrument integration and IT connectivity into existing LIMS.

Elimination of manual interactions to remove human error and manipulation.

Limiting human review to exceptions or ambiguous results.

Easy tracking of sample status at any given time.

Maximising operational efficiency with digital tools, worklists and dashboards.

Offering preconfigured workflows for rapid implementation while being customisable for evolving assays.

"The goal is to provide at least weekly testing combined with more frequent strategic testing. This requires rapid data analysis software that minimizes the time needed to accurately call, certify, and return results."

- Professor Richard W. Michelmore, PhD, University of California, Davis

Case study: UC Davis mobilises to conduct mass COVID-19 testing

Challenge: Increase throughput, minimise turnaround time and still accurately call, certify and return results.

Solution: Develop a high-capacity collection strategy in tandem with deployment of the integrated Biosearch Technologies’ IntelliQube™ and UgenTec FastFinder solution for efficient data handling. Increase throughput capability to 3,350 samples per day.

Results: Established a sample-to-result workflow in less than two months while continuing to evolve with changing needs and demand. During a randomly selected shift, the workflow processed three 768-well assays per run with the IntelliQube instrumentation enabled by the Array Tape™ consumable for a set of 2,304 PCR reactions. With FastFinder software, only five of these PCR curves were raised for human review.

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