Amplicon-based metagenomic studies

  • We combine in-depth consultation and pilot study research to develop optimised project protocols for any microbial community of interest
  • Our proprietary high-throughput protocols and broad range of amplicons deliver cost-effective results using the Illumina MiSeq platform.
  • Our bioinformatic services include:
  • reference-assisted OTU clustering, taxonomic classification of OTUs, diversity analysis with extensive data visualization (including multivariate analysis when metadata is supplied)

Whole genome metagenomic studies

  • Our standardised protocol for preparing quality shotgun libraries prior to sequencing is applicable to even low-quantity samples. This can be augmented with whole-genome amplification to enable the processing of difficult or highly degraded samples.
  • We offer taxonomic composition analysis and metagenome assembly including gene predictions and draft functional annotation to assist downstream data analysis.