Next generation sequencing price enquiry

Illumina MiSeq

  • 2x 300bp read length
  • up to 12Gb per flow cell
  1. Metagenome analysis via whole genome shotgun sequencing or 16S rDNA sequencing
  2. De novo sequencing of all sequences (genome size up to 40 Mb) including sequence assembly
  3. Re-sequencing and comparative genomics
  4. Transcriptome analysis by generating standard or customised cDNA libraries (e.g. mRNA and micRNA libraries)

Illumina NextSeq

  • 1.75 bp or 2x150 bp read length
  • Up to 120 Gb per flow cell
  1. Genome sequencing to discover SNPs and chromosomal rearrangements
  2. Re-sequencing including sequence assembly and alignment to a reference genome
  3. Transcriptome analysis, generation of expression profiles, detection of splice variants etc.
  4. Targeted re-sequencing of enriched genomic regions of interest (e.g. exomes, chromosomal intervals etc.)
  5. Genotyping by Sequencing for all species types (with or without reference genome)