RNA FISH for cancer targets

Visualisation and quantification of single RNA transcripts, using Stellaris™ RNA fluorescence in situ hybridisation, offers the unique ability to observe altered disease-specific expression in fixed cells or intact tissue

Stellaris RNA FISH, offers the unique ability to observe altered disease-specific expression in fixed cells or intact tissue. Gene expression profiles are complex and can vary immensely between regions of tissue, cells, and even regions of a single nucleus, and therefore require advanced methods of analysis.

Stellaris multiplexing

Simultaneous RNA FISH and Immunofluorescence

Image of simultaneous Stellaris RNA FISH and immunofluorescence assay. HER2 mRNA molecules (green), protein marker HER2 (pink), DAPI (red) in human SK-BR-3 cells (AV Orjalo Biosearch Tech.)

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Stellaris in Tissue

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The Stellaris RNA FISH Method

The Stellaris Method