RNA FISH for vision research

Stellaris™ RNA FISH allows for visualisation and quantification of single RNA transcripts, which offers the unique ability to observe gene expression in intact tissue or fixed cells.

Gene expression and molecular biology research in vision and ophthalmology present unique challenges to researchers and clinicians due to the complexity of the eye. The eye consists of many structures containing unique cell populations each presenting different expression profiles. Such an intricate organ requires a series of advanced methods in your molecular toolkit to unlock the mechanisms of degenerative eye disease.


Detect, localise and quantify RNA molecules in intact eye tissue

LGC, Biosearch Technologies’ Stellaris RNA FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridisation) probes, can quantify and localise RNA within tissue sections where the morphology is preserved. A Stellaris FISH probe set comprises multiple oligonucleotides targeting a single RNA target. The fluorescently labeled probes bind along the same target transcript, and combine to produce a punctate signal for an individual RNA molecule.


Simultaneous Stellaris RNA FISH and immunofluorescence assay. RNA molecules (red), protein marker for neuronal dendrites (blue), GFP protein (green), and DAPI stained nuclei (gray) in neuronal cells.

Custom or pre-designed Stellaris Probe sets

Biosearch Technologies‘ free, online Stellaris Probe designer allows you to design Stellaris FISH probes with optimal binding properties for your target RNA sequence. A custom Stellaris FISH probe set is a blend of up to 48 unique oligos each labeled with a fluorophore.

We also offer pre-designed catalogued control probe sets for a wide range of model organisms available upon request. Target-specific details and current protocols are available online on our Stellaris education page.

View our entire list of Stellaris DesignReady Probe sets for more information on available targets.

Vision publication highlight

Over 40% of publications citing Stellaris RNA FISH publish in Cell, Nature, or Science!

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The Stellaris RNA FISH method

The Stellaris Method