What happens after I have sent my samples to LGC?

All samples that are sent to LGC are received by our sample receipt team and tracked in our LIMS system. When your samples arrive the team will ascertain that the samples are all in good order and ready for cold storage. If required we will barcode your samples prior to storage. Your genotyping project will have been assigned to a project manager and they will be responsible for coordinating all work on your samples. The appropriate dilution plates will be created from your samples, and these will be stamped into either 384-well or 1536-well reaction plates and dried down in drying ovens. The stamped plates then move to the dispensing laboratory, where the relevant SNP Assays are run over your samples using our Meridian dispensing robots. Reaction plates are laser sealed and subsequently undergo the KASP thermal cycle in one of our Hydrocyclers. At the end of the thermal cycle, the fluorescent signal is read on a BMG PHERAStar plate reader and imported into our LIMS database. You project manager will then be responsible for performing detailed analysis of your data before the results are sent to you.