Array Tape™ is a thin (0.3 mm) and flexible continuous polymer strip, serially embossed with reaction wells in customised volumes and formats including 96- and 384-well array. A reel with 40 meters of Array Tape carries 277equivalents of a 384-well plate (106, 368 reaction wells). Array Tape is the ideal consumable for fast, streamlined and continuous lab workflow processes.

Array Tape benefits

The design of Array Tape and the modular inline platform maintains the flexibility of microplate-based technology while virtually eliminating manual handling and complex robotics.

  • Each 96, 384 or 768-well array in tape is labeled with a unique 2D-barcode and a human readable number ensuring accurate identification of individual samples during and after processing
  • The maximum well volume is 2 µL. The ideal working volume is 0,8 µL-1,6 µL
  • Array Tape is optimised for KASP™ genotyping assay and BHQ Probe Master Mix™ assay reagents for genotyping
  • Can be stored at -80 °C and can stand +99 °C in PCR thermal cycling
  • Suitable for stable storage of chemical compounds
  • Array Tape is customisable to your individual requirements.

Cost-effective and environmentally conscious

  • Plastic required to manufacture a 384-well microplate is 7x greater (23.1g) than 384-well array in Array Tape (3.1g)
  • Reagent storage, handling and disposal is reduced by 80% due to smaller reaction volumes in Array Tape (<0,8 µL/well) versus 384-well microplates (5 µL/well)
  • Waterbath thermal cycling of Array Tape spools replaces hundreds of block heaters that require 35x more energy. 
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KASP Array Tape Master mix has been designed specifically for use with Array Tape on the Nexar™ system and the IntelliQube™ instrument.

The mix is optimised for high throughput, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) and insertion/deletion (indel) genotyping in Array Tape.

Array Tape reduces plastic, reagent and energy consumption.