When good goes in, great comes out.  The BioArk Leaf collection kit combines sample collection with better data quality.

Order your BioArk Leaf kits in combination with DNA extraction or all-inclusive extraction and genotyping services and experience the full service convenience of sampling to genotyping.

The kit includes

  • 96-well plate
  • Guide
  • Complete set of tools for collecting sample material
  • Instructions for return shipment of the filled plate for genetic analysis.


  • Better data quality from better sample quality
  • Environmentally friendly with reduction in hazardous materials, plastic consumption, carbon emissions, and energy consumption compared with traditional sampling techniques
  • Convenient genotyping by courier concept
  • Easy shipment and customs clearing of desiccated material. (phytosanitary certificate not required, letter of authority may be needed, can be provided)

The BioArk leaf collection kit standardise the quality of the DNA that is extracted and dramatically improve the quality of the resulting genotyping data.

DNA quality without using BioArk Leaf

Genotyping data from plant leaf samples collected without using BioArk Leaf and extracted using non-LGC, Biosearch Technolgies extraction chemistry. The call rate is 71.1%.

KASP genotyping data with BioArk Leaf

Genotyping data from plant leaf samples collected  with the BioArk Leaf and extracted in our service laboratory using sbeadex™ extraction chemistry. The call rate is 99.5%.

Product number


Price per kit Please inquire for standalone purchase pricing. 
Turnaround time from receipt of kit to return of data Standard turnaround time for extraction and genotyping service applies
Sample capacity 96 samples per kit (please leave two wells unused as non-template controls for DNA extraction and genotyping services)
Kit contents
  • Manual
  • Leaf puncture tool
  • Rubber mat
  • 96 deep-well plate
  • Strip-caps
  • Packaged desiccant material
  • Return shipment instructions
  • Rubber band
  • Plastic return bag

* not applicable in combination with discounts on genotyping or DNA extraction services