PCR and qPCR enzymes and reagents

Our stand-alone Taq enzyme features high specificity and robustness for your standard and challenging PCR reactions.

SuperROX reference dye

SuperROX™ is a highly stable passive reference dye that is formulated to significantly reduce "ROX drop." It can be used when a water soluble version of ROX is required as a passive reference to normalise fluorescent signals in real-time PCR.

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FailSafe PCR Optimisation Technology

Our trusted FailSafe<sup>&trade;</sup> PCR Technology kits provide everything necessary for downstream applications such as cloning, sequencing, expression, and mutation analysis. Compatible with every DNA template, including those with high GC content and up to 20 kb in length. Start by optimising PCR conditions with the PreMix Selection starter kit for consistent, high-fidelity results.

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