research grade oligos ISO 9001

Take advantage of our expertise and experience to build high quality research-grade oligos to your exact specifications with our large selection of probe chemistries, modifications, purification options and manufacturing scales.


Explore our diverse selection of PCR probes

One of the benefits of working with Biosearch Technologies is our extensive probe technology menu. Try multiple probe types early in assay development and select the type that performs best with your specific application and oligo sequence.


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Save time and money with ValuMix assays, which consist of probe and primers mixed in a single tube.


Configure exactly what you need for your application

Expand beyond standard qPCR probe chemistries and take advantage of our versatile suite of oligo options to get exactly what you need. Our extensive selection of nucleic acid derivatives and specialty building blocks is critical to our ability to synthesize high quality and structurally complex oligos. Build custom oligos for any application, including unlabeled PCR primers, highly modified oligos, or DNA/RNA hybrid sequences.

Build custom oligos

Do you require large numbers of oligos for high-throughput applications?

Order custom oligos in plates for cost competitive value without compromising on quality.

Order oligos in plates

When what you need isn’t on the menu

We are recognised as one of the few oligo houses able to achieve quality complex synthesis as well as large scale synthesis. Our dedicated experts will work with you to ensure your complex or large scale project is successful–from consultation to optimising design through production, delivery and post-purchase support.

Large-scale options up to several mmol

Maintaining accuracy and quality can be challenge when moving from small-scale to large-scale oligo synthesis. Simply scaling up small-scale synthesis is not the answer. Working with Biosearch Technologies gives you access to large-scale expertise and equipment. You can rely on us to deliver high quality, bespoke oligos from small-scale RUO needs through the demands of commercial production.


Expedite complex oligos, large-scale synthesis and special requests by using the Excel oligo order forms.



For technical assistance and support ordering complex oligos,
please contact technical support.


Looking for ISO 13485-compliant oligos?

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Make it your own with more than 1,000 modifications

We offer an extensive range of modifications, from fluorescent dyes and quenchers to amino groups, ligands and modified bases.

Search our list of modifications

Biosearch Technologies is the inventor of the market-leading Black Hole Quencher™ (BHQ™) as well as the CAL Fluor™ and Quasar™ dyes.

Learn more about our selection of fluorophores and quenchers

Find the right dye to maximise results using the spectral overlay tool.

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How to order oligos


Option 1: online order tool

Convenient for small numbers of oligos and standard amounts synthesized up to 1 μmol. Use option 2 for LNA oligos. 

  1. Navigate to the appropriate product page.
  2. Access the online ordering tool for the probe type via the "Order now" tab on the product page.
  3. Enter your oligos in the ordering tool.
  4. Click "Add to cart."
  5. Check out to complete the purchase or request a quote.

Option 2: excel order form

Best for ordering many oligos and/or large amounts ( > 1 μmol scale) and LNA oligos.

For LNA oligos

  1. Visit the LNA Probes product page to download one of four excel order forms for LNA oligos in a single tube or as a ValuMix assay.
  2. Follow the directions on the order form to complete your order.

For all other probe types, including custom oligos and ValuMix assays

  1. Download the Excel spreadsheet that best matches your requirements from the order template library.
  2. Follow the directions on the template page to complete your order.

Need support?

Please reach out if you would like help placing your order.