Additional genotyping services

We offer further services as normalisation, storage & management of DNA samples, selection of samples and sub-cohorts, quantification of DNA concentration etc.

Biobanking services

The Biobanking service supports our work in SNP genotyping, DNA extraction & for our cohort study customers who have ongoing need for genetic analysis of their samples.

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Cohort services

Our cohort services include nucleic acid extraction, genotyping, SNP discovery & testing for non-genetic markers, and biobanking / sample management services.

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In additional to running the required KASP genotyping reactions to generate your project results, LGC offer a range of additional services (subject to additional charges, please ask your sales rep or project manager for details):

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  1. Storage and management of DNA samples – after completion of your genotyping project, LGC can store remaining DNA in their -20oC storage facility. This may be helpful to you if you intend to run further genotyping on these samples in the near future.  Please ask your project manager if you are interested in this service.
  2. Selection of samples and sub-cohorts (cherry picking) – if you wish to run genotyping reactions on a sub-set of your DNA samples e.g. from across a set of DNA template plates, our laboratory staff can cherry-pick the required samples for you into a new template plate.
  3. Quantification of DNA concentration – LGC can quantify your submitted DNA samples prior to commencement of your genotyping project. Samples can be quantified by spectrophotometry or PicoGreen analysis.   
  4. Normalisation of DNA samples – for a genotyping service project, it is important that DNA samples are of uniform concentration across submitted DNA sample plates. LGC can normalise submitted samples if required.
  5. Whole genome amplification (WGA) – LGC offer WGA as a service that can be performed on your DNA templates prior to running your genotyping project. This may be beneficial if you have very limited or low concentration DNA starting material. Further information can be found here
  6. Re-arraying of assays for shipment –  It is not always so straightforward, as assays are optimised for our lab, and may not be optimised for running in a customer lab!
  7. Return shipment of remaining assay mix – It is not always so straightforward, as assays are optimised for our lab, and may not be optimised for running in a customer lab!
  8. Return shipment of surplus sample aliquots in various plate types – if, after completion of your genotyping project, there is surplus template DNA remaining in your DNA sample plate(s), this DNA can be returned to the customer. Please ask your project manager if this is a service that you require.