Genotyping instruments

LGC'S genotyping instrumentation portfolio incl. liquid dispenser, automated MTP replication & reformatting, plate sealing, high-throughput water bath thermal cyclers, barcode readers.


The IntelliQube® features a fully inline automated PCR and qPCR setup, amplification and data analysis.

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Nexar® is a modular Inline Liquid Handling and Assay Processing System offering a highly scalable solution for PCR-based genotyping.

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SNPline genotyping automation

The SNPlineâ„¢ workflow consists of all instruments, software, and validated procedures needed to establish a highly cost-effective, flexible, and scalable PCR-based genotyping solution.

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Need help with your instrument?

Raise a case in our support system. Newly created cases will be assigned to the relevant team, and someone will contact you as soon as they can to help resolve your issue.

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